Hey everyone! I have something special to share with all of you, the first tokenized physical sculpture called Genesis, a beautiful handmade art piece made by my friends at Etherblox.

"This soapstone mythical green accent comes to life when light falls onto its surface. The block's unpolished texture feels as if it has been found in the depths of a mysterious ocean floor from the Etherverse."

The team wrote a short article of the journey and the creation of the idea.

Xavier Tjong-A-Hung sculpting the Genesis

The product is currently in an auction on Rarible at the moment. Take a look and make an offer if you want to become the owner of it. The owner of this NFT can claim it physically, it’ll get shipped to you. YES, you heard it right, you can claim it for yourself and brag about it all you want.

Give them a follow on Twitter and join the Telegram group to have a chat with the team if you want to learn more about it.

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