Software Development

There’s also a neat roadmap you can follow that a community member made for frontend and backend.

Where do I start?
  1. Freecodecamp is really the best place to start your journey, completely free. It’s a non-profit organisation that focuses on free education.
  2. Youtube is your best friend
    1. Academind, he also has Udemy cources if you want to go really in-dept
    2. Traversy Media
    3. Fireship 
  3. Tutorialspoint

What kind of tools can I use?
  1. VSCode, a feature rich code editor
  2. MySQL Workbench
  3. Git Bash
  4. Design tools (wireframes, db diagrams, flowcharts)
    1. Diagram.net
    2. WireFlow
    3. Web Dev
    4. DB Diagram

To be continued … 🙌