AbNormal’s Cashflow

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This will be an overview on every team member’s cashflow. We also want to highlight the mistakes as well. We learn by making mistakes right? “Lesgeld” is what I like to call it.


I’ve been scammed a couple of times, because I was chasing those high yields. I’m focused on DeFi and crypto related income streams. I want the ability to verify and analyse the data publicly on-chain. It’s not all sunshine and rainbow, you’ll get unlucky or greed just takes you over. Please protect your wealth, it’s a scary world out there.

Skill level goes from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced
Score goes from Bad to It’s Alright to Thumbs up

Lessons learned

  1. Don’t chase high yield
  2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, diversify and spread your risks
  3. Nothing is guaranteed so if someone’s telling you that they can guarantee the profits … RUN AWAY!
  4. Do your own research and not only watch some YouTube video’s, check for blogs, do a background check, chat with people on forums. Some people are paid to say only positive things, so be careful.
  5. When there’s a Multi Level Marketing scheme going on where you need to refer other people, it’s most likely a Ponzi scheme.
  6. Don’t trust, verify. You need to verify if they’re actually working with your money. Words are just words, you need to be able to verify. In crypto this is fairly easy, because we can verify the transactions on-chain.
9 Secrets To Success In Multi Level Marketing - Law of ...
Run away from this business structure

Books that have helped me thought-out my journey

Let me know what you think about this list, I know it’s a lot, I just love experimenting with different types of income sources.

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