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My passive income streams (Outdated)

Update 7 May 2020:
MyPassiveTrades changed their business model and it’s not in favor of us as investors. So I decided to exit my position

Talked to Gary, someone that I’ve been following for quite a while now.

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well!

I’ve been very silent these couple of months, but I didn’t stand still πŸ’Έ.
I kept on researching platforms where I can invest and earn some extra money on the side. I stumbled across many different ones, but a lot of them didn’t work out.

I’ve done my research on every platform I listed based on these questions:

  1. Googled their reviews (blogs)
  2. Are Redditers and Youtubers saying positive things about the platform
  3. Is the CEO / Founder and Team real?
  4. How can I receive my interest (Fiat or Crypto)

RealT | Real estate

Invested $145 in a property in Detroit via RealT. This was my first investment in Real Estate. I earn ~$0.05 per day in Dai, a stable coin on the ETH blockchain, it goes straight to my wallet

First Real Estate investment

CredEarn | Crypto Lending

In 2019 I joined UpHold, because I was using Brave Browser, a browser with the focus on privacy, so I stumbled across their partner Cred. I checked them out and realized that I can earn up to 7% annually on my BTC. So why not? This is my portfolio right now.

I’ve received ~$0.75, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s something I didn’t work for.

Received and scheduled earnings

MyPassiveTrades | Hedge Fund (Exited!)

Thanks @Niguel Mannes for telling me about this platform. I’ve invested $45 dollars in BTC already and patiently waiting for my ROI.
I currently receive 1.25% every day for 125 days, so it’s 25% interest every 4 months or so.

Earned my first interest today πŸ‘

CryptoTab | Mining with my browser

I’ve already made a post on this last year and I’m still using it, you should too. I mean, it’s free money πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

They now have an Android App too (Free, but it does have a Pro version). I bought the Pro version for $3 and it boosted my earnings by 10x

Recent withdrawals
Total earned

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