Passive Income

Earn passive income with your Bitcoin

I’ve mentioned MyPassiveTrades in my previous post, here’s a bit more in dept view of the platform.

What does MyPassiveTrades do?

MyPassiveTrades is the trading name of Polaris Universal LTD, a British company.

They have 3 sections of their business

  1. Site Advertising, they’ll pay you by advertising on your website or you can pay the platform for advertising your own business
  2. Trading Academy, they’ll teach you how to trade
  3. Passive earning, earn passive interest on your investment

We’ll be focusing on the Passive earning side of the company

Why do I like the platform?

They are officially registered as a company in the UK

  1. They’re transparent because they’ve explained their business model
  2. CEO and team is visible
  3. Minimum investment of $5
  4. You can withdraw at any time

How do you get started?

You’re going to need 2 things to get started

  1. A crypto wallet, I suggest
  2. An account at MyPassiveTrades

After the registration and loggin in, you’ll need to fund your account.

Click on Deposit Money
Select your method, in this case it’s BTC, fill in your email and name and click on Complete Checkout
Send BTC to that specific address with the specified amount via your wallet
You’ll receive an email when the transaction has been completed

It usually takes 1-4 hours for the transfer to confirm

Start earning in your sleep πŸ’΅

Click on Buy Platinum Ad Packs
Enter the amount (each pack costs $5)

When you buy for example 1 Ad Pack worth $5, it’ll remove your $5 from your balance. Each Ad Pack lasts 125 days and you’ll be earning up to 1.25% each day

You’ll get your $5 back within 100 days, the rest are profits.

You’ll see your purchase under My Platinum Ad Packs. Now sit back and enjoy the profits! πŸ’€πŸ’Έ

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