Earn Crypto using your browser

Anyone who want to earn BTC while browsing the internet should take a look at this browser. I make approximately $0.50 per day. It’s not a lot, but it is passive which I really like. I’ve made $6.38 in total and it’s still growing.
If you have a PC you don’t use very often you can utilize this browser to make it mine for you 24/7.

The browser is made with Chromium as the core, so it’s very similar to Chrome. It even supports Chrome Sync, so you’ll be able to import everything you had on Chrome to the CryptoTab Browser.

My little brother uses this browser too on his laptop so he can generate some passive income.

I recommend for creating a BTC wallet. It usually takes 1 business day for CryptoTab to transfer your withdrawal to your wallet, sometimes within an hour.

Happy mining 😊

Need proof?

Received $4.43
Received $1.22

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