Passive Income

My 3 passive income streams (Updated) βœ”

Update 7 May 2020: MyPassiveTrades changed their business model and it’s not in favor of us as investors. So I decided to exit my position Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well! I’ve been very silent these couple of months, but I didn’t stand still πŸ’Έ.I kept on researching platforms where I can […]


What is Phishing And How Can you Avoid it?

I wrote a post earlier this year and I want to share more information about this particular topic. I received some help from Techwarn πŸ”₯ Scams have existed since humanity took its first steps on Earth. Money is the motive for some, and this translates well into the Digital Age, where scams have become so […]


Earn Crypto using your browser

Anyone who want to earn BTC while browsing the internet should take a look at this browser. I make approximately $0.50 per day. It’s not a lot, but it is passive which I really like. I’ve made $6.38 in total and it’s still growing. If you have a PC you don’t use very often you […]


Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals

Hey guys, Mitchel here. So today is the Amazon Prime Day and ends soon! Only 20 hours to goHere are the best products I’ve found on Amazon. Don’t worry, I’ll try to update the list as soon as I find another great deal!😏 I’ve been watching these products for a long time, waiting for the […]


Batch image resizing with Imagemagick

Automate resizing images on Linux